Hot Dogs

One of the best foods in the world.

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Pink Cake

I’ve been craving pink cake like crazy. Literally. Its terrible

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DIY Heart Shaped Lollipops

The one thing that i like about valentine’s day is the heart shaped lollipops. I don’t know why since it’s just a lollipop, but part of it is because it somehow reminds me of Lolita. So what i did is i searched up diy heart lollipops and this is what i found!


This first one technically isn’t a lollipop but i don’t think anyone could pass up macaroons


This next one i’m not particularly a fan of but only because i don’t like white chocolate


And this last one is your standard heart shaped lollipop (and my favorite)



icecream REVIEW

Over the weekend i decided to try out this recipe:   i had been eyeing it for some time and i thought, oh why not?  i really like that it was dairy free since well i cant have dairy (duh) and you gotta admit, it looks freaking amazing in the picture.


so i tried it out and it didn’t turn out good, at all. I don’t know if i did something wrong or whatt because it pretty much tasted like minty avocado.. soo i guess my advice for people would be less avocado and more mint? i don’t know..

BUTTTTTTTTTTTT i did find ANOTHER recipe that is also dairy free and it seems pretty good:

ANDDD for those of you who can have dairy i found one that (well to me) looks delicious:


Recently I’ve been craving junk food like crazy but i hate how gross it makes me feel after and the fact that i’m consuming all that sugar. So i decided to go look up healthier alternatives and i found an awesome blog ( that’s filled with pretty much  every recipe i could ever want. Among these are chocolate smoothies, mint chocolate chip icecream, muffins, blondies, and more! Seriously you should really check it out, anyway here are a pictures of a few of her recipes…