Kippy’s icecream

l (2)

Over the weekend i went to Kippy’s. I’d passed by it once on the way to Venice beach and forgot about it until Phoebe Tonkin posted a picture of herself on instagram eating it. The place is pretty small but it’s actually really nice inside. The ice cream actually looks really elaborate and some of the toppings are pretty strange, for example you can get bee pollen on your icecream!


The flavors i tried out were double chocolate, chocolate chip, strawberry, and honey coconut. The honey coconut was pretty mild. It was snowcone-y, as in it wasnt creamy and it tasted of raw honey and slight coconut water taste. It wasn’t nasty or anything but it was so mild i just couldn’t bring myself to enjoy it. The strawberry flavor was one i liked although it wasn’t that good by the end of my scoop. It tasted of real strawberries and raw honey. The double chocolate was actually slightly bitter and i didnt really like it. The chocolate chip was surprisingly really good and ended up being my favorite. It reminded me of chocolate chip cookies.


This is the icecream phoebe was eating but it was in the vanilla cappuccino flavor. I’ve actually been desperately trying to find it since they only sell it at whole foods. When i went they only had coconut, strawberry, and strawberry lime which dont sound very appealing to me since i want more of an icecream flavor while those taste like snowcones.


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