Chocolate Milkshake

i’ve been obsessed with chocolate milkshakes, i dont know why. But i dont have all the ingredients so ive just been mixing chocolate milk, vanilla icecream, and cocoa powder. i was looking for recipes when i found this: which led me to a website called: and the recipes look really good

chocolatecakeshake3_thumb healthy-samoas mint-chocolate-cake



This is going to be part 1 which consists of my bad reviews


1. Pizza Show: I’ve always disliked the food from here. I’ve eaten the pizza three times and each time i just really cant get myself to enjoy it. It’s some of the least enjoyable pizza I’ve ever eaten. But for some reason, i’m the only one who seems to think that. Because my mother and siblings all like it. I really can’t explain it, but i feel like the pepperoni and such isn’t cooked enough. And the toppings seem to have just been plopped on top at the last minute.


2. Little Caesar’s pizza: This pizza i can actually sort-of a little enjoy it. It’s not as bad as pizza show but it isn’t very good. The pizza always tastes far from fresh and as if they just reheated it from having sat there for a couple of days. Every time i eat it i regret it because it’s never even satisfying and just makes me feel gross after.

Good Pizza

3. The Good Pizza: My mother brought me here because she really likes their pizza. I came and got the pepperoni pizza and i might of got a bad one because it was terrible. BUT the reason it was terrible was because i couldn’t stand the cheese! It tasted like that smelly cheese and i just couldn’t finish it.


4. Costco pizza: This pizza is actually a so-so. It’s not terrible but i would still willingly eat it and semi enjoy it. A lot of people actually love the pizza but I’ve never been a big fan. There always way too much cheese and it’s such  a whatever tasting pizza.

Becker’s bakery & deli


Becker’s is actually one of my favorite bakeries. The cupcakes, cookies, and cake I’ve tried from them have all been sooo good. Whenever i come here i usually get the carrot cupcake (pictured above, hint hint its got a mini carrot on it). Or i get the vanilla cupcake. I’m not sure specifically which cupcake though because i think they make several variations. All i know is that its got vanilla frosting and a tiny white flower in the center. Anyway, the display is always really festive and i pretty much just love that place.

l (1)borat-thumbs-up


Hotcakes Bakes


i came here over the weekend expecting to be wowed because a friend had claimed that they were better then Becker’s. The ones i tried was the peanut butter cupcake, the strawberry, and chocolate cupcake. Although they have good reviews and all, the cupcakes really didn’t appeal to me. The problem with them was that the actual cupcake was just a plain whatever-ish tasting vanilla and chocolate. And the flavor was in the frosting. The flavors were a bit too true to their flavors, which sounds like a good thing but it ended up tasting wierd and kinda gross. Plus the cupcakes were refrigerated and there was far too much frosting.